Section A – Flowers

The President’s Cup is awarded for the best exhibit in Section A
The Jubiliee Cup is awarded for the best entry in any Rose Class
The winner of Class 6 will be awarded the Emily Catlin Trophy
Vases, unless specified otherwise, are supplied by the club

Class 3 is a Sponsored Class kindly sponsored by Kohler Home Improvements

1RosesOne vase, three stems, may be mixed
2RosesOne specimen
3RosesCluster flowered, i.e. ramblers, climbers or floribunda, 3 trusses
4DahliaOne vase, 3 blooms, same variety
5DahliaOne vase, 3 blooms, may be mixed
6DelphiniumsOne vase, three spikes, any cultivar
7DelphiniumsOne vase, one spike
8Fuchsia headsSix single (boxes and lids supplied)
9Fuchsia headsSix double or semi-double (boxes and lids supplied)
10GladiolusOne vase, three spikes, any cultivar
11Herbaceous PerennialsOne vase, six stems, may be mixed (no shrubs)
12ChrysanthemumOne vase, 3 stems, may be mixed
13AnnualsOne vase, 6 stems, may be mixed
14Helianthus (Sun Flower)One bloom in a bowl of your choice
15Flowering Shrub3 stems, may be mixed
16Scented1 specimen of scented flower or shrub
17Flowering Pot PlantOne, 18cm diameter pot (max)
18Foliage pot plantOne, 18cm diameter pot (max)

Section B – Fruit & Vegetables

Wherever possible, please give the name of the variety being exhibited.

Class 33 is a sponsored class with thanks to Titsey Place & Gardens.

19Collection of four kinds of vegetableIn box or space 45cm x 45cm, four kinds. See here for quantity & points.
20Runner BeansSix pods
21Longest Runner BeanOne pod
22Onions (large)Four, each over 225g
23Onions (small)Four, each under 225g
25CarrotsFive, with 7.5cm of tops
26CourgettesThree, approximately 15cm long
27MarrowTwo, greater than 18cm long
28BeetrootThree, with 7.5cm of tops
29TurnipThree, with 7.5cm of tops
30Potatoes (white)Four, white variety
31Potatoes (coloured)Four, coloured variety
32Tomatoes, mediumFive, approx. 6cm dia.
33Tomatoes, small fruitedTen, not exceeding 4cm dia.
34Peppers, HotSix, single variety
35Peppers, SweetThree, may be mixed
36LettuceTwo, one variety with root
37CucumberTwo, one variety with 25mm stem
38Any other vegetable(s) not in scheduleMinimum of two and maximum of four taking no more than 45cm x 45cm of space.
39Medicinal HerbsFour distinct cultivars used in medicine, cut, in individual vases supplied by the Club. Please label.
40Cook’s HerbsBunch of six culinary herbs cut, in a container of your choice
41Apples (dessert)Five (with stalks)
42Apples (culinary)Five (with stalks)
43RaspberriesTwelve, arrange on a plate
44Any other fruitNumber at exhibitor’s discretion
45Compost – homemadeSeed tray of homemade compost
46“I did my best”A display of one vase of flower(s), one plate of fruit(s), one plate of vegetable(s) – numbers at exhibitor’s discretion

Section C – Photography

All photographs OR mounting card must be no larger than 30cm x 30cm. Please put your name on the reverse of the photograph.

Class 48 is kindly sponsored by Rosemary Bookkeeping.

47“Give me the moonlight”One photograph no larger than 30cm x 20cm (either portrait or landscape)
48“Freedom”One photograph no larger than 30cm x 20cm (either portrait or landscape)
49“Peace”One photograph no larger than 30cm x 20cm (either portrait or landscape)
50“A Summer’s Day”One photograph no larger than 30cm x 20cm (either portrait or landscape)

Section D – Floral Art

The Gwyneth Shaw Cup is awarded for the best exhibit in Section D.
If you are interested in the background as to how these classes were selected (and if you intend to exhibit, you should be!) you can find all of the background here.

Class 51 is sponsored by Godstone Emporium – many thanks to them.

51“Tea for a Saint”Miniature exhibit in a tea cup. No more than 150mm (6”) in any direction
52“Man on the moon”Up to 600mm x 600mm wide/deep, height unlimited
53“Unity”Up to 450mm x 450mm wide/deep, height unlimited.
54“Ladies please!”Up to 450mm x 450mm wide/deep, height unlimited.
55“Peace”Up to 450mm x 450mm wide/deep, height unlimited.

Section E – Domestic

  • All jars should be filled to the brim. Do not top up old jam.
  • Take care to use the correct jar size – no fancy shapes!
  • All jars should be cleaned and labelled with date, month, year and contents.
  • No commercial names to appear on the jar or lid. Wax papers to be on all jars, except under plain metal lids.
  • Lemon Curd should have a cellophane cover, not a plastic or metal one.
  • Chutney should be made 3-6 months in advance in order to mature.
  • If making a large, dense loaf, remember to turn the oven down a little to avoid a ‘doughy’ result.

Class 68 is generously sponsored by The Green Rooms

56MarmaladeNominal 454g jar
57Soft fruit jamNominal 454g jar
58Stone fruit jamNominal 454g jar
59Lemon curdNominal 225g jar
60ChutneyNominal 454g jar
61PicalilliNominal 454g jar
62Bread – HandmadeOne loaf, recipe of your own choice, no larger than 900g. Without the use of a bread-maker
63Bread – FlatbreadOne flatbread of any type (e.g. Chapati, roti, naan, pita, farl, harsha, tortilla or similar)
64Summer fruit soupA bowl of summer fruit soup to your own recipe
65Victoria SandwichOwn recipe
66Tray bake of your choice5 pieces
67MocktailYour own recipe ‘mocktail’ (non-alcoholic cocktail)
683 Ways with an appleSomething grown, something with apple in it and something made from apple
69BiscuitsAny biscuit of your choice with sufficient for people to taste after judging
70Tarte TatinFollowing the recipe here

Section F – Special Classes

Section F contains classes that are designed to be a bit of fun! Why not get your son, daughter, grandchild, to try making a scarecrow? Or maybe you have a rude vegetable!

Class 73 is kindly sponsored by Godstone Farm – watch out for their special scarecrow event in September!

71‘That’s Life’ VegetableRemembering the TV programme ‘That’s Life’ with your odd shaped vegetable
72There’s no class for this!Anything you believe does not fit another show class
73ScarecrowA minature scarecrow no greater than 20cm in height
74HandicraftOne piece of home made handicraft to be judged by public vote on the day