Read this Show Schedule to see what Classes are available. Remember to have specific flower and vegetable exhibits ready to pick in mid-July you may need to sow or plant at specific times in spring.

All exhibits must be grown or made by the exhibitor (except Floral Art exhibits which may use garden and/or purchased material), pot plants must have been in your ownership for at least six weeks before the date of the show.

The fortnight before

The Godstone Gardeners’ Club monthly meeting on 4th July evening in White Hart Barn is a good place to chat with someone about picking, harvesting and preparing exhibits. We also have the RHS Rule Book available to find out what constitutes a good exhibit.

Entry forms and fees must reach the Show Secretary by 6pm on Wednesday 11th July. No new entries may be made after this date. Entry fee is 20p per class, payable in advance. Fees totalling less than £5 must be made in cash. Children (under 16) may exhibit in all Classes for free but an entry form is still required. An exhibitor can only make one entry in each Class.

The day before

Flowers and cut material are best picked the day before and the stems immersed in water. It is worth picking a few more than you need so you can make your final selection on the day.

Vegetables that are dug up should have the roots retained. Allow sufficient time to clean the roots of soil before transporting them to the show. Depending on the class, some veg have their top growth tied with raffia and cut to length (this is stated in Class description). Pods and soft fruits are picked with the stalk attached, don’t rub off the bloom off fruit.

On the day

Bring your exhibits along in the morning between 8am to 10.30am. There will be an envelope at the entrance with your place cards. You can write on the variety names if known (useful for veg and herbs). Judges will regard correct names of varieties an advantage in close competition but an error will not disqualify that entry.

Cut stems can be arranged in the vases provided, use newspaper or bring Oasis to support the stems, then fill vases with water. Aim to select blooms of similar size and make sure you have the correct number asked for in the description.

Nobody may make more entries after they have entered the hall. Vases or boxes and lids are supplied by the Club for classes in the Ornamental Section (and Herb classes). These must be used (unless otherwise specified) and will be available on the day. These remain the property of Godstone Gardeners’ Club, do not remove them from the hall or stick labels on them.

Please do not touch other exhibits, if you do not have room to place your entry in the right place then speak to the Steward.

The hall will be cleared of all persons at 10.35am, except those authorised by the Show Committee, so that judging can take place. The hall will open to the public at 2pm, with presentation of awards at 3.30pm.

No exhibit may be removed before the presentation of the awards but afterwards exhibits should be collected before the close of the show. Godstone Gardeners’ Club cannot be held responsible for exhibits or exhibitors’ property.


The Judges for 2018 are as follows

A – Flowers – Paul Grimmer

B – Fruit & Vegetable – Tim Pierce

C – Floral Art – Wendy Jolley

D – Domestic – Marion Neden

E – Photography – Ben Pocock

F – Special Classes

Handicrafts and Superhero veg figures will be judged by popular vote. The Potato in Bag winner will be determined by the total weight tubers. The potted plant classes such as the Godstone School Pelargonium Class will be judged by an invited judge.

Prize Money

Standard prize money is: 1st 50p, 2nd 30p and 3rd 20p. For sponsored classes (except Godstone School Class), prize money is: 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £1.50.

The Judges’ decisions are final and they have discretion to withhold any prize should they decide there is no exhibit of sufficient merit.

Prize money will be given out on the day between 3.30pm to 4pm. Any uncollected prize money and all proceeds raised at the Show, including silver change from popular votes, will be used to defray Show expenses.

Cups and Trophies

Most of these are awarded to an exhibitor on the basis of the most point gained: 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. If equal points are gained by two or more exhibitors, the number of 2st, or if still equal 2nd, 3rd or highly commended prizes will be taken into consideration to decide the winner.

The RHS Banksian Medal is awarded to the exhibitor who gains the most points in the Horticultural Classes (Ornamental, Vegetable and Fruit). The winners of the medal in the previous two years are not eligible to win the medal.

The winners’ names will be recorded in the Minutes of the Club. All cups and trophies remain the property of Godstone Gardeners’ Club and need to be returned one month before the Show. For a list of 2017 winners, please click here.

Any protest must be delivered in writing to the Show Secretary before 3pm on Show Day.