The Annual Show is organised by Godstone Gardeners’ Club but is first and foremost a community event and anyone is welcome to enter items in Classes and view the exhibits. If you have grown it or made it and are proud of it – then do show it! All entries are equally important to the overall success of the show but the first step is to read the general rules overleaf and make a note of key dates and times.

The next step is to find the relevant Section and look for Classes you would like to enter. A Class is a group of exhibits that meet the same description and each Class has a number. Classes are grouped into Sections so relevant material is displayed together for ease of judging and display. Our Sections for this year are:

  1. Flowers
  2. Fruit & Vegetables
  3. Photography
  4. Floral Art
  5. Domestic
  6. Special Classes

The winning entries in Sections A-E will be decided upon by a suitably-qualified external judge and, where appropriate, prize money and cups, shields or medals awarded (for a look at last year’s cup winners, see here). Section F contains a mixture of Classes, some are invitation only and they are assessed differently.

Most of us learn ‘exhibiting’ simply by having a go and asking others. For those still feeling a bit bemused, I’ve asked my dog Monty to indicate with a paw print where there are tips for beginners and also the easiest Class in each Section.

Finally, we wouldn’t be able to produce the Annual Show Schedule, supply it free of charge or put on the event itself without the support of our advertisers and sponsors! So a big thank to them as well as the members of the Godstone Gardeners’ Club who work so hard to make the show a success for everyone.