Originality will be taken into account when judging.

The Jane Cooper Challenge Cup is awarded to the best exhibit in the Handicrafts Section.


Class Exhibit Description
50 Knitting or Crochet One piece, hand worked
51 Cross-stitch embroidery One piece, hand worked
52 A Specimen of Needlework Any piece, not included above
53 Greetings card Paper craft. Card no larger than  125mm x 225mm (5″ x 9″). No kits to be used.
54 Any other Handicraft e.g. Woodwork, carving, pottery, a model. Space allowed 750mm x 600mm (30”x24”) – (picture frame max) 600mm x 600mm x 600mm (24”x24”x24”) – other


All photographs OR mounting card NO LARGER than 300mm x 200mm (12″ x 8″).

Put name on reverse of photograph.

Class Exhibit Description
55 “Oh what a lovely morning” One photograph
56 “Al fresco dining” One photograph
57 “A sporting look” One photograph
58 “An English Summer’s Day” One photograph
59 “Animal Magic” One photograph
60 “The fruits of my labour” One photograph
61 “Autumn approaches” One photograph

Highlighted Class is a Sponsored Class