Winners of All Classes in 2016

Section A  Flowers First Second Third
1 Roses Large Flowered Lorraine Harrington Lyn Jones
2 Scented Roses
3 Clustered Roses Sue Dowling Rosemary Outred Lorraine Harrington
4 Miniature Rose Heads
5 Delphiniums
6 Delphiniums
7 Fuchsia Heads – Single Pat Lelliot Caroline Savage Jean Jones
8 Fuchsia Heads – Double George Kimber
9 Gladiolus
10 Herbaceous Perennials Lorraine Harrington Moria White Rosemary Outred
11 Chrysanthemum
12 Dahlia – One Variety Brian Knight Rosemary Outred Jilly Ball
13 Dahlia – Mixed Brian Knight Jilly Ball Lorraine Harrington
14 Agapanthus
15 Mixed Flowers Sylvia Pocock Moira White Lila Leamon
16 Helianthus Lorraine Harrington
17 Hydrangea Jean Jones Sue Dowling
18 Flowering Shrub Sue Dowling Lorraine Harrington
19 Flowering Pot Plant Lorraine Harrington Brenda Hewitt Sylvia Pocock
20 Foliage Pot Plant Lorraine Harrington Sylvia Pocock


Section B  Fruit and Vegetable First Second Third
21 Runner Beans Derek Leamon Alex Rabbetts
22 Longest Runner Bean Caroline Savage Brenda Hewitt  Derek Leamon
23 Onions (large)
24 Onions (small) Sally Lincroft Derek Leamon Stephen Mercer
25 Shallots John Hale Stephen Mercer
26 Carrots John Hale Brian Knight
27 Courgettes Philip Anderson Caroline Savage Bridget Parry-James
28 Beetroot Derek Leamon John Hale
29 Turnip Brian Knight
30 Potatoes (white)
31 Potatoes (coloured) Sylvia Pocock Mary Stuart-Menteth
32 Tomatoes (medium) Sally Lincroft
33 Tomatoes (small) Alex Rabbetts Vanessa Jones Sally Lincroft
34 Peppers (hot) Alex Rabbetts Vanessa Jones John Hale
35 Peppers (sweet) Caroline Savage
36 Aubergine
37 Lettuce
38 Cucumber Vanessa Jones John Hale
39 Collection of four kinds of vegetable Vanessa Jones John Hale
40 Any other vegetable(s) not in schedule John Hale Caroline Savage
41 Herbs Lila Leamon
42 Cook’s Herbs Sue Dowling Moira White Sylvia Pocock
43 Apples (dessert) Moira White Mary Stuart-Monteth Vanessa Jones
44 Apples (culinary) Mary Stuart-Monteth Philip Anderson George Kimber
45 Raspberries
46 Blackberries
47 Any other fruit Mary Stuart-Monteth  Vanessa Jones Alan White
48 Compost (homemade) Sylvia Pocock Mary Stuart-Monteth Stephen Mercer
49 “I did my best” Sally Lincroft Alex Rabbetts


Section C  Handicrafts First Second Third
50 Knitting or Crochet Pat Lelliot Val Kimber Paula Quincey
51 Cross-stitch embroidery Brenda Hewitt Lyn Jones
52 A Specimen of Needlework Jane Skinner Kate O’Sullivan
53 Greetings card Jean Goddard Richard Leonard
54 Any other Handicraft Sylvia Pocock


Section C   Photography First Second Third
55 “Oh what a lovely morning” Bill Hewitt Grahame Brooks Philip Anderson
56 “Al Fresco Dining” Jake Kohler Grahame Brooks June Adams
57 “A Sporting Look” Grahame Brooks June Adams
58 “An English Summer’s Day” Grahame Brooks Liz Mercer Alex Rabbetts
59 “Animal Magic” Philip Anderson Zena Kohler Brenda Hewitt
60 “The Fruits of my Labour” Bill Hewitt Liz Mercer Alex Rabbetts
61 “Autumn” Philip Anderson Grahame Brooks Liz Mercer


Section D  Floral Art First Second Third
62 “Miniature in a Shell” Brenda Hewitt Zena Kohler Jean Goddard
63 “A Brief History of Time” Zena Kohler Jean Goddard
64 “A Night at the Theatre” Jean Goddard Zena Kohler Jean Jones
65 “Best Foot Forward” Zena Kohler Jean Jones Jean Goddard


Section E  Domestic First Second Third
66 Marmalade Jilly Ball Alex Rabbetts Stephen Mercer
67 Soft fruit jam Caroline Savage Alex Rabbetts Sylvia Pocock
68 Stone fruit jam Caroline Savage Sue Stone
69 Fruit jelly Sylvia Pocock Jilly Ball Alex Rabbetts
70 Lemon curd Sylvia Pocock
71 Chutney Alex Rabbetts Lyn Jones Jilly Ball
72 Bread – Handmade George Kimber Alan White  Jack Wiles
73 Flavoured Bread Rolls Alan White
74 “Canapés to die for!” Alex Rabbetts Liz Mercer
75 Bowl of Cucumber Soup Richard Clarke Peggy Clarke Alex Rabbetts
76 Tray Bake of your Choice Sue Dowling Moira White Sylvia Pocock
77 Lemon Drizzle Cake Rosemary Outred Sue Dowling Val Kimber
78 “A Light Snack”
79 Summer Thirst Quencher Caroline Savage Claire Purkiss
80 Autumn Fruit Tart Liz Mercer Alex Rabbetts