The winner of Class 9 will be awarded the Emily Caitlin Trophy.

The President’s Cup is awarded for the best exhibit in Section A.

The Jubilee Cup is awarded for the best entry in any Rose Class.

Class Exhibit Description
1 Roses Large Flowered One specimen
2 Three Stage Roses One vase, showing ‘1 bud’ , ‘1 specimen’, ‘1 full bloom’
3 Miniature Rose heads Seven on a palette (palette supplied by club)
4 Delphiniums Three Spikes, any cultivar
5 Delphiniums One Spike
6 Fuchsia heads Six single (boxes and lids supplied)
7 Fuchsia heads Six double or semi-double (boxes and lids supplied)
8 Gladiolus Three spikes, any cultivar
9 Mixed Garden Flowers Only Garden Club vase to be used.
10 Sweet Peas One vase, 9 stems, may be mixed
11 Pinks One vase, 5 stems, may be mixed
12 Flowering shrub One vase, three stems, may be mixed, 18” wide (max)
13 Pelargonium One Plant Regal flowered. 7” diameter pot (max)
14 Pelargonium One Plant Zonal. 7” diameter pot (max)
15 One Fuchsia 7” diameter pot (max)
16 Half standard or standard Fuchsia Half standard – stem approx. 18”. Standard – stem approx. 30”.
17 Begonia One, 7“ diameter pot (max)
18 Flowering Pot Plant (other than in Schedule) One, 7” diameter pot (max)
19 Foliage pot plant One, 7“ diameter pot (max)

Highlighted Class is a Sponsored Class