Entry forms and fees must reach the Show Secretary by 6pm (1800hrs) on Wednesday 9th September 2015.  No new entries may be made after this date & time.

The entry fee is 20p per class and is payable in advance.  Fees totalling less than £5.00 must be paid in cash.  Any person may enter any or all classes with the exception of Class 57 which is Men Only. With the same exception, children, (under 16), may also exhibit in all classes and are exempt from the entry fee.

An exhibitor can only make one entry in each class.

All exhibits (except Floral Art exhibits) must be grown or made by the exhibitor in his or her own garden or allotment and pot plants must have been in his or her ownership for at least six weeks before the date of the Show.

Only entries in the Floral Art section may use garden and/or purchased material.

Exhibits must be staged between 8.00am and 10.30am.

Nobody may make any more entries after they have entered the hall.  The Hall will be cleared of all persons at 10.35am, except those authorised by the Committee.

No exhibit may be removed before the presentation of the awards.

Unless specified in the class detail, vases are provided by the Godstone Gardeners’ Club and must be used for exhibits in the Flower and Herbs sections.

If the space for your exhibit is crowded, please speak to a Steward and he/she will adjust the space so that you then have enough room to place your entry.  Please do not touch other people’s exhibits.

Any exhibit that does not confirm to the wording in the schedule will be disqualified and the entry card marked “NAS”.

Whenever possible, all horticultural exhibits should be correctly named.  The Judges will regard correctness of the name as an advantage in close competition, but an error in labelling will not disqualify that entry.

The Godstone Gardeners’ Club cannot be held responsible for exhibitors’ property.


The PRIZE MONEY in all classes, except sponsored classes, will be allocated as follows:

1st        50p

2nd      30p

3rd       20p

The Judges may decide to withhold any prize should they decide there is no exhibit of sufficient merit.

The PRIZE MONEY  for Sponsored Classes, (to be announced shortly), is as follows:

1st        £5

2nd      £3

3rd       £1.50

The Judges’ decisions are final.

Most of the CHALLENGE CUPS, TROPHIES and the BANKSIAN MEDAL will be awarded on the basis of the most points gained.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1st        3 points

2nd      2 points

3rd       1 point

If equal points are gained by two or more competitors, the number of first, or if still equal, second, third or highly commended prizes will be taken into consideration to decide the winner.

The RHS BANKSIAN MEDAL is won by the exhibitor who gains the most points in the Horticultural (flower, vegetable and fruit) classes.  Winners of the medal in the previous two years are not eligible to win this medal.

Any protest must be delivered in writing to the Show Secretary before 3.00pm on Show Day.

Winners’ names will be recorded in the Minutes of the Club.   All cups and trophies remain the property of the Godstone Gardeners’ Club.   Please return the cups and trophies to the secretary one month before the Show.

Prize money will be given out in the Hall between 3.30pm and 4.00pm.   The cups and trophies will be presented at the close of the Show.

All exhibits must be removed by the exhibitors at the end of the Show.  Any uncollected prize money and all proceeds raised at the Show will be used to defray the Show expenses.