The Annual Summer Show for the Godstone Gardeners Club is held in the White Hart Barn in Godstone.  Exhibitors will submit entries in 67 classes which will be judged during the event.  Visitors are very welcome to come and see the displays and for an entry price of just 50p can view all of the exhibits, purchase raffle tickets for the raffle and buy light refreshments.  Entries are encouraged from both members and non-members of the Godstone Gardeners Club.

Regulations for the Godstone Gardeners Club Show are here

If you want a sneaky preview at the competition and last year’s winners, here’s where to look!


If you have grown it or made it, and are proud of it – then do show it… but first read the Regulations for the Show.

At any show all exhibits are equally important to the overall success of the show, a half-empty hall would not be welcoming.   There are no special formulae – you learn by trying and asking others.  Have a word with one of the stewards if you are not sure what to do when you arrive – it can look a bit crowded and forbidding at first.   Someone will always help you set up your exhibit, as long as it is not just before ‘time up’.  Better still, have a chat with someone at one of the monthly meetings or ask someone a few days before the Show, as entries must be made by the Wednesday prior to the Show.

Read the schedule carefully – A well-balanced exhibit or similar sized exhibit is important.   The largest is not always the best.

Practice by entering one of the monthly Club competitions – The Honeyman Cup has been restricted to anything grown by you.  The exhibit may be flowers, shrubs or vegetables; or if in a pot, to have been in your ownership for at least six weeks.   The Mary Cup will be awarded for a floral art exhibit, which can include purchased material.

RHS Rule Book – The Club has a copy of this for loan to those interested in finding out what constitutes a good exhibit.   Please contact the Show Secretary.

Flowers – Pick the flowers the day before and immerse the stems in water.   Use newspapers or oasis to support the stems, put plenty of water in the vase and do make the blooms look level – and try to select blooms of similar size.

Vegetables and fruit – Take great care when you dig up vegetables so that all the roots are retained; and clean off the soil well.  Pick pods and soft fruits with the stalk attached and don’t rub off the bloom.   Tie the tops of root vegetables with raffia and then cut them to the length stated in the schedule.



The Judges for the 2014 Show are:

Fruit & Vegetable sections Patricia Barrett
Flower Section Bill Hayman
Floral Art Section Mary Saunders
Home Produce Section Yvonne King
Handicraft & Hobbies Section Jane Cooper
Photography Jane Cooper

For a full list of all of the Show Classes and to find those that you would like to enter, please click here

Finally, if you would like to enter the Godstone Gardeners Club Show, (and we hope you will), click here for a Show Entry Form